Throw the Rascals Out: New Polls Find 57% Voters Wants to Replace the Congress

The American People are very much in a “Throw the Rascals Out Mood.” According the latest Rasmussen Reports survey found 57% of voters wants to change the entire Congress,while only 27% wanted to keep the current congressional members.

The poll was similar to one that was taken in October 2008 were the number 59% wanted the change while 17%  were satisfied. Last years numbers was due to the massive bailouts of banks and AIG and Fannie  Mae and Freddie Mac.

This years number were due not only bailouts, ownership of car companies General Motors and Chrysler, stimulus bill, omnibus spending bill, cap and trade energy tax and health care(insurance)reform. More importantly 70% of voter surveyed who are  independent want to rid themselves the congress.

Republicans also want to vote out the congress. Not only that but 69% of voters want to replaced their fellow Republican representative and senators.

Only Democrats were supportive of 43% up from 25% a year ago.

Rasmussen Reports

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