Rep. Dianne Watson Holds up Cuba Medical Care as Role Model While Playing the Race Card.

I got to tell you as a black man it sickens me about our politicians (my congresswoman is Loretta Sanchez that doesn’t say much) But I cant stand politician who plays the race card. Representative Diane Watson at a town hall goes on a rant saying “They are spreading fear and they’re trying to see that the first president who looks like me — fails.”

This was caught on tape by KABC-AM 790 reporter Micheal Linder who was the only reporter there. Linder broke the story on KABC’S John Phillips Show.

Whenever something go wrong to us we play the race card, Just last week Governor David Patterson(D-New York) blamed a racist media trying push  him out of the Governors Race in 2010 and they are after fellow Governor Deval Patrick and President Barack Obama as well.

These calls once again makes our community look thin skinned people, looking for klan members every where we go. And that white folks are out to get me.  I could blame my problems on my white friends and acquaintances instead I blamed myself for screwing up my self esteem ( tried to get to tv news years ago each time I review the tape I cringe. I did not try again to practice to make the tape I let fear rob me of life and success. )

Look there is racism overt and covert I experience the overt ( I may have experienced the covert I don’t know) But I do know We can’t keep crying racism.  People are tired it and it going to be a very very long  3 1/4 years left of this government and resentment is growing tremendously.  Lets give it  a rest before it’s too late.

And By the way Congresswoman Watson is Clueless. Earlier on this blog  via Gateway Pundit pointed out that Cuba’s vaunted health care  only works on paper especially if you are tourist or high up in the communist party in Cuba. Pictures of Cubas hospital and clincs is abysmal, decaying and in sufficient to help the public.  There are shortages everywhere.

Confidentially, King-Harbor Urgent Care ( Formerly King Drew Medical Center) is the laughing stock of the LA County Health Department. Incompetence, tartness, absenteeism, employee physical fights, employee stealing from the hospital dispensary,  patients dying do to poor medical skills hence the nick name “Killer King . All this  while Watson was in the state assembly and the state senate and many black politician defend the hospital  because the serve the poor in Watts and South Los Angeles it was downgraded in2007 to a urgent care from a hospital after it lost federal and state accreditation. Desipite the poor deserve better.

Not a sterling endorsement. Rep. Watson. The South LA, Compton,Long Beach area deserves better than you.

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