Amazing Story From Northern California:Kiddnapped Girl(now Woman)Turns Up at Antioch Police Station Nearly 20 Years Later

Shocking! A wild story from Northern California about a series events in the last 48 hours a kidnapped girl from South Lake Tahoe in El Dorado County walk in the Antioch, CA Police Department ending  a nearly two decade ordeal for a family Southern California couple.

Jaycee Duggard was kidnapped in the Summer of 1991 in South Lake Tahoe at the school bus stop when a in late in 1980’s Ford stop and a man now know as Phillip Garrido snatched Jaycee and put her in his car and drove away. The abduction split up Duggard’s mom and step father.

Fast Forward to Garrido and the two daughters that he fathered with Jaycee was on the campus of University of California, Berkeley trying to obtain a permit to assembly on the college campus. UC Berkeley campus police officers ask questions of Garrido  including who are the children. Garrido said the children belong to his sister Alyssa. Campus police did a background check on Garrido and contact his parole officer.

Garrido showed up at the parole officer  office at the Antioch Police Department on Wednesday . He was asked extensively about the children the children and he eventually confess that the girls was his and their mother  he named Alyssa was actually the missing Jaycee Duggard.

Garrido was arrested along with is wife Nancy are charged with kidnapping, Garrido was also charged sexual abuse in fathering the two children with Duggard.

Duggard parents who were separated  because of the kidnapping. Her stepfather Carl Probyn 60 was contacted by his estrange wife with the news. For many years Probyn was the prime suspect was relieved with the news that is step daughter was alive and he and his wife both talk to her. Probyn had maintain his innocence and at long last he and his wife can know have a peace of mind that their daughter is alive.

For years Duggard and her children one fifteen and and second eleven (ironic that Duggard was  11 years old and that she has a daughter 11)was hidden in Garrido’s yard a one acre plot in Antioch in a series of tents, sheds split off from the main property by a eight foot fence also the lot has mature tree and a long driveway. Duggard and her children were prevented from seeing doctors and attending schools.

Now Duggard, her kids, parents, and friend will need to seek counseling therapist  suggest to help overcome the year of imprisonment and the separation from her family and friends.

Garrido was a federal parolee was has a rap sheet a mile long he was arrested with rape and kidnapping back in the 1970’s  and served time.

For More check out these local tv stations coverage.








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