Health Care Protests:Democrats plan hundreds of Rally while TEA Party Group Take a National Bus Trip

Thinks have become Interesting to say the least. Democrats have up the ante by hosting hundred of rallies in support of Health Care (Insurance) Reform nationwide.  Starting Wednesday to September 8, 2009; 11 cities have been selected to bring people support the President’s Public Option and other Democrat proposals.

The Democratic National Committee  and its “grassroots” arm Organizing for America will lead the Charge.

“In these last few weeks of recess we want to demonstrate the energy, passion and commitment that the American people have to health insurance reform so that when members return after Labor Day they know that they can turn their attention to getting this done because they have the backing of the American people,” said DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse.

Not to be outdone TEA Party Protesters are having a bus caravan too.  It’s called the Tea Party Express. This will all so be coast to coast  affair starting in Sacramento.CA on Friday August 28 and will finish in Washington DC on September 12  on what is called Taxpayer March on Washington,DC.

Kenneth Gladney, the man who was attacked by the SEIU members at a St.Louis County townhall meeting  about three week ago, will be on the bus tour.

Read more: The Politico
Special Thanks To: Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit

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