US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in the Fight for his PoliticalLife

Senator Harry Reid I have good news and bad news. First the good news its August 2009 not August 2010. The Bad News Its August 2009  and the two Republican challengers are beating you.  According the poll by the Las Vegas Review-Journal Republican Danny Tarkanian  is ahead of Reid 49 to 38%.

The senator would be in trouble against  Sue Lowden too. Lowden up against Reid 45-40%.

This does not bode well Reid. For his 45 years in politics and 28 years in Washington in Both the House of Representative and Senate; Reid brought money, projects and jobs to Nevada.

The big draw back Reid represents a Democratic party who now following out of favor since the spending spree (stimulus, omnibus spending bill,  bailout of banks[TARP]; bailout of Car Companies[Chrysler, and General Motors];bailout of insurance company American International Group{AIG} bailout of Semi-autonomous quasi-governmental firm Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  And don’t forget Cap and Trade[Enegry Tax,]Health Insurance[Care] Refrom.

And when Obama numbers fall it tends to pull other Democrats down. Winning“becomes more difficult when you are actually the one having to carry the water for the president,” said Richard Davis, apolitical science professor at Brigham Young University, Provo,UT. “He (Reid) has got to get something out of the Obama administration that he can claim as his own.”

But Reid Spokesman Jon Summers said, “He fights for Nevada on those issues and others every day and he’ll continue that battle to get our economy back on track.” Reid will remind the vote of the thing that Obama Adminstration is doing to improve the economy.

“Senator Reid’s leadership for Nevada has earned him broad support, including from nearly 150 Republican leaders in Nevada who recognize that he is a powerful voice for Nevada,” Summers said.

That doesn’t phase Sue Lowden spokesman Robert Uithoven. Despite Reid bring back the bacon to Nevada people are dissatisfied with Washington D.C.

“A lot of what drives support toward Senator Reid is fear in this state. And I don’t think fear is a good motivation for voters,” Uithoven said.

There is more in the Las Vegas Review-Journal

Special Thanks to Michelle Malkin


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