Canadians benefit from US Health Care

From the Detroit Free Press: A strategic program Between the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care  and Hospitals throughout Michigan that patients that need certain health care: including Heart care, bariatric surgery,  and cancer will be able to use Michigan medical facilities said David Jensen, ministry spokesman.

For Michael Vujovich 61 of Windsor, Ontario, Canada need angioplasty and thanks to the Canadian Government was able to have the surgery not in Canada but at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan,US. When asked by reporter Patricia Anstette of the Detroit Free Press he doesn’t see the problem with Canadian health system that he as to come to the US to get he heart care, but it shows that Health Canada works.

“I go to the hospital in Windsor and two hours later, I’m done having angioplasty in Detroit,” he said.  The bill for Angioplasty$38,000 US is fully paid by the Canadian Government.

For Bariatric Surgery patients in Canada, the wait for the weight reduction procedure is 5 years long ( yes 5 years!!!) according to a report in the Canadian Journal of Surgery. So  13 hospitals in the United States 6 in Michigan(5 fully approved and one tentatively) to perform the surgery allowed by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care on Canadians.

The arrangements allow for “more immediate services for patients whose health is at risk,” Jensen said.

Another Michigan Hospital, Detroit Medical Center provide complex  care for neonatal, complex trauma and other critical care  patients. Its also lucrative

“In the last few years, we’ve seen more and more Canadian patients,” said Dr. J. Edson Pontes, senior vice president of international medicine at the DMC.

Pontes refuse to give dollar amounts on its international business but it is profitable”always has been a profitable entity.”

However critics of government control health care show Canadian Health Care is a failure.”speaks volumes to why we don’t need government to take over health care,” said Scott Hagerstrom,  Michigan state director of  American for  Prosperity. “Their system doesn’t work if they have to send us their patients.”

On the other hand, supporter Dr. Uwe Reinhart a health economist at Princeton Univeristy, says the system works especially for the patient and their family. The allotment “are a terrific way to manage capacity” given Canada’s smaller health care budget.”

“This is efficient,” he said. “At least in Canada, you don’t worry about going broke to pay for health care. You do here.”

Detroit Free Press


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