California and Los Angeles Unemployment Rate at stunning 11.9%

Unemployment data for individual state and regions were released Friday and for California  and Los Angeles County was at 11.9% the highest rates since World War II for July. This reverses the trend in June where the unemployment rate dropped ever-so-slightly from 11.4%.

The total numbers lost in the state is 35,850 jobs; the highest total of any US state or territory. The good news ( if you want to call it that) the monthly number is down nearly 30,ooo. Previous numbers: June was 66,500 and May 68,900. The  rates of job losses have decreased significantly.

Locally the rates in Los Angeles County also 11.9% up seven-tenth of percentage point from the previous rate at 11.2%

In San Bernadino  and Riverside County (a/k/a Inland Empire) is an incredible 14.3%. These losses are due to construction, finance, international trade.

In Orange County the unemployment rate is a 9.5% comparable to New York City by percentage only. Actual number was 7,900 out of work.

In Ventura County the jobless rate is 10.9% with 8,000 people looking for work.

California remains one of the hardest hit states in the country.

Los Angeles Times


One response to “California and Los Angeles Unemployment Rate at stunning 11.9%

  1. Can’t remember where, but I read the tru, underlying figure is over 20%.

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