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Phony: Pelosi embraces Demonstrators in 2006

My has times has changed! Nancy Pelosi, then House Minority Leader at a event  in San Francisco in 2006. Pelosi who is critical of the Iraq War, Declares that she “I ‘m a fan of disruptors” While talking to Anti war  critics and considers dissent patriotic .  Ironically, Fast forward to a week and a half ago when she call Health Care Reform critics “Un-American”.

Just like most Liberals  politicians and journalists with the “for me and not for thee” mentality.

Hypocrosy, Thy Name is Liberalism.

Naked Emperor News via Breitbart News

The Price of not Listening to People: Obama’s Poll Numbers continue to fall.

This is not good for President Obama who was taught as unifier, his poll numbers continue to fall. Only 29 % strongly approved of the way president Obama is doing. 37% strongly disapprove of job performance. Overall, he approval is 47% and 52% disapprove. Two weeks ago he was a the seminal 50% point. Now that he fell below  50% its difficult to pass his agenda especially health care reform  and cap and trade.

Speaking of  Health Care support of the Reform is 42% approve and 53% opposed. Only 32% is in favor of a single payer universal health care versus 57% percent are against.

Not good. Mr. President. Not good.

Rasmussen Reports