Socalist is the the new N word

Recently, Carlos Watson an anchor at MSNBC  associated  Socialism as the new N word Watson pointed out that socialism is a type of a government system. But he blamed talk radio and so called birthers using a very broad brush.  This tactic was the used  years ago under President Reagan  with word welfare. However, He used the phrase welfare queen was code for Blacks; which was a horrible mistake.

Recently, the word Urban was considered dirty because urban was  considered code black and Hispanic. The word  now acceptable for developers and real estate marketers to lure to Downtown areas in places like Chicago,Denver, Los Angeles and Atlanta. Even, some young conservatives( even some older divorcee to get back into the dating game) who are not married who want night life excitement and culture move there.(Until they have families and then its off to the suburbs when the kids enter elementary school age.)

Look any word can be misconstrued  to be racist.  Being black myself, I have experience racism both overt and covert. Being called a N as a child and adult. Feeling like I am being watched when I would go window shopping at Macy’s at main Place Mall in Santa Ana, CA in the late 1980′ and early 1990’s.

Socialism is a political ideology and government system.   Historically, some blacks choose some of the most  radical ideologies  including Barack Obama learning at  the knee of Frank Davis, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayres, the  words of Saul Alinsky beacause they feel disenfranchised. Many whites, also did so too.

Look there more important thing than claiming the word socialist is a the new N word.  It makes the black community look whiny. Look if every thing bad had happens to me in my life I could blame Whitey, my life couldn’t change. The black community have bigger fish to fry including double digit unemployment, loosing homes that we should not be able to live in thanks to the housing crisis.  The number of males in jails etc.

Last week  some complained about the picture of the President to look like the joker from the last Batman movie and called it racist. Apparently it was OK when President George W. Bush was done up in Vanity Fair last year or two as the joker. We’re looking  vain and petty. If we cant stand the heat. Then we don’t belong in the kitchen.

We in the black community need to grow up and deal with the real racism and not let perceptions or opposition to the president goals be considered racist then we should not be in public office.


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