Congress Approves A Half Billion $$ on New Private Jets

Well here’s another case of “Do as I say, not as I do.” as Congress ask the military to purchase  eight government owned corporate jets at a cost of  $550 billion.

The corporate jet purchases comes after Congress blasts the  Chief Executive  Officers of Citigroup, General Motors and Chrysler,LLC of flying to Washington,DC on private Jets following bailout monies from tax payers.

Initially, the Defense Department,which oversees the fleet of planes originally planned to buy two planes a Gulfstream V and a Boeing 737  to replace aging 737 jets. The Pentagon also requested to buy two additional Boeing 737 that the Government was leasing.

Two weeks ago the US House of Representatives added extra funds to purchase two additional Boeing 737’s and two additional Gulfstream V’s to enhance and replace an aging fleet.

You wonder why the American people are fed up with Washington, DC when companies are cutting back on corporate Air Travel,  millions of Americans will not be able to take their families on vacation. It nice to know that Congress get keep their perks while the rest of us loose ours.

Wall Street Journal


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