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FBI Takes Down a Local LA County Gang That Targeted Blacks

This is personal.  I live a small town in southeast Los Angeles County Hawaiian Gardens; a working class town of 15,000 people  located on the Los Angeles County/ Orange County Border  surround by Long Beach, Lakewood, Cypress and Los Alamitos; for 30 years this past January. For year Hawaiian Gardens has a gang problem a severe gang problem. VHGR (Varrio Hawaiian Gardens) has been since the 1990’s been targeted blacks.  Hawaiian Gardens has a very small African-American community (which has been growing over the years; According to the 2000 Census the black population is 4.4%)

VHGR has been targeting blacks  by making threats, scrawl graffiti on walls of homes and businesses, and burning houses of blacks families.  I have been  harassed by some of the jokers. In 1992 or 1993 (I can’t remember the  exact date)walking back home from my late older brother home  late evening.   Then again in 2002 walking  from the liquor store  Carson Pioneer Market on the corner of Carson St. and  Pioneer Blvd.  The guy asked what am I doing here. The joker told me to go back to Compton, where I belong.  I ignored him I was scared.  But I wasn’t moving out for nobody except but own  my accord. I have been here since 1979  just about to twelve years old.

VHGR  has targeted other families in town and scared off people including My pastor’s family.  It was in 1995 that the City of Hawaiian Gardens hired African-American community relations liaisons I forgot his name. He asked questions of my parents, my late older brother Johnny and his widow Paulette and other black families.  And told us to call is there have been problems.

Whats funny I may know some of the parents of these gang members and I probably went to school with them from (old)Bloomfield Elementary School , Pharris Fedde Middle School(formerly M.T. Killingsworth Jr.High School)  and Artesia High School. These characters trying to push out blacks is crazy. I wasn’t scared off by white folks why should I be Hispanic gang members.

I thank GOD for the FBI and  LA County Sherrifs for finally bring an end to this madness. Now Black folks and others can have a piece of mind.

NYC Terror Plot Foiled.

This Just In:  The FBI foils a terror plot in New York City Wednesday  and four men were arrested.  The purported attack would blown up two New York City synagogues and the alleged terrorist group  had plans to shoot military planes stationed at Stewart Air Force  in Newburgh, NY in Lower Hudson River Valley  90 minutes from New York.

The FBI began its surveillance of the men over a year ago. The 4 men have been identified as James Cromatie, David Williams , Onta Williams and Lagueree Payen of Newburgh. The suspects contacted a an FBI Informant who  gain their trust and the informant supplied the group with  fake bomb materials including C4 explosives which was packed into two cars  to be detonated at a Jewish Synagogue.

The motive for the alleged plot Hatred for America and hatred of Jews.

“Hatred of the West. The leader of the group, James Cromitie was concerned about deaths at the hands of the U.S. military in Afghanistan,” and also expressed anti-Jewish sentiment, Joseph Demarest the head of the New York FBI said.

For now New Yorkers  can breathe a sigh of relief. But must stay vigilant  and alert and to keep radical Muslim group under watch.

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Obama to Increse CAFE Standards in American Cars

Starting in 2012 and by 2016 All cars in the United States will averaging 35.5  miles per gallon. Passenger cars will be set at 39 miles per gallon,  smaller (light) trucks mpg will be set at 30 miles per gallon.

But this comes at a huge price figuratively and literally. The average price of car will jump $1,300  says the Obama Administration.  But non-government analysts  say the the cost of a new car will climb dramatically.  Meanwhile the size of cars and trucks must shrink per government mandate. Large vans, large trucks,  S.U.V. will be phased out.

Opponents don’t like what the feds are doing.

“The government is now designing our cars. It’s out of the hands of vehicle manufacturers,” said auto industry consultant Larry Rinek.

What’s worse car safety levels will decrease.  A National Highway Safety Board Administration recently found some small cars tested were heavily damaged or destroyed  in a head on collision with other small, mid size and large cars. Including the brand new Smart four two in a video of the test which aired on Fox Business show the Smart bounced like a beach ball practically destroying the car.

Why in the World would we the American people want to give up safety and shell out money for a government design and and controlled  car company. What a mess. By the way,Washington don’t try to convince me to buy  from Government Motors is patriotic I won’t buy it. I ll stick with Ford thank you.

By the way I don’t think the White House or Congress will give up their cars for smaller versions; Do You? I don’t think so.

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