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Coming to Car Dealership Near You Government Motors

When General Motors files and goes into bankruptcy on June 1st they will sell off the so-called good parts of GM to the federal government.  While the bad assets will either sold to other auto manufacturers  or be liquidated.

In return GM would receive more money and will get have $16 billion in loans forgiven by the feds. The Government and UAW will get preferred  shares in the company.


FAA is licensing Aircaft Mechanics That Can’t read English

From WFFA’s “News 8” in an investigation piece that blows your mind and making sure your life and health insurance premiums are paid up. The Federal Aviation Administration  is licensing airline mechanics who don’t (or can’t) read English. Companies are hiring the mechanics knowing full well of this and hiring them well below the salary of the aircraft mechanics. And possibly endangering the flying public. Sound familiar (can you say illegals!)

In addition,  The FAA repair facility in San Antonio would issue the FAA mechanics exams in Spanish. While the English mechanics must not only read English but to write in English in the Repair log books. The FAA has overlooks ( basically turn a blind eye to passenger safety.) whats going on.

This cracks me up! I used to read job classifieds that required a command of the English language. College Professors said that much to me. And yet from warehousing jobs to high tech employment,  transportation careers to science job positions are throwing away common sense for cheap and easy profits to our potential peril. This is utter madness.

Hey folks raise your hand if you love this. Huh? Huh?  I didn’t think so.

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A sound defeat for Arnold:The people of California 5, Arnold 1

Thanks Jon Coupal of the Howard Jarvis Tax Foundation, Talk Radio host throughout California and the California voter sent a message loud and clear stay the hell out of my wallet  (or purse). Proposition 1A-1E went down in flames on Tuesday. Five of six ballot measures lost by nearly two-thirds between (60-62%) points.  California of all walks of like rich, middle class and poor said an resounding NO vote!

The political class don’t understand that raising taxes don’t bring in revenue. In fact, State of California has conceded that raising taxes has led to a $2 billion dollar revenue shortfall without way to get it back. (meaning higher  taxes bring in  less money.) Also, The state has one of highest unemployment rates in nation at 10.9%  and continues to grow sadly.

Meanwhile, home price deflation continues in the state, homes continue to become foreclosures. Small to medium businesses fleeing to Dallas, Houston,  Austin; Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte; Atlanta, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville to be in a more friendly environment. While people are heading to Portland, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Denver where the cost living of living is cheaper and taxes are not outrageous; and communities the not on the brink of collapse.

The  bad news the rest of the country will have to pay for our sins. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has gone back to Washington,D.C. hat in hand again seeking bailouts  and  it’s tarp funds which is being held up due to the fact that the Governor was laying off Unionized State Workers who get great salaries, bennies, some who’ll retire early after only20 years to get re-hired by other government agencies  and collect two retirement pensions to hit the jackpot. And President Obama has opposed the job cuts in the state.

The other problem is the politicos have been convincing the people both liberals and (California)conservatives you know who you are.   We have been seduced by politicians (and/or Celebrities: think Actor-Director Rob Reiner) for so-called better education for Pre-K programs; K-12 students class size reductions, traffic relief including Measure R in LA County to pay for extension the Metro Rail Subway to the sea from  Downtown LA to Downtown Santa Monica  and Light Rail Lines also to Santa Monica, from LA International Airport to Sherman Oaks. (I am of this guilty of this as well.)

Wow what a Bloody mess,  We’re so boned.

The LA Times