Daily Archives: May 17, 2009

Tax Revolts in Southern California this Weekend

In Southern California tax protests is happening: The First Today at 4PM KFI-AM640 Afternoon Drive Time Hosts John and Ken holding a Tax Revolt Protest and Rally against six ballot Propositions 1A-1 F. The rally takes place at Tom’s Farm in Corona, Ca. KFI will  carry the tax revolt live on the air from 4-7 PM. The event will be live blogged at KFI-AM 640.

Tomorrow, in Westwood Village  section of  Los Angeles, another Tax revolt will take place at the US Federal Building on the 11000 block Wilshire Blvd. Sponsor by local LA area tea party group. KRLA 870 late evening host Kevin James  will speak on Sunday afternoon. Keven will be one of many speakers that will  speaking out against Props. 1A-1F tax and spend schemes From Sacaramento; as well as over $3  and half trillion in federal spending, so-called tax cuts  bailouts and massive  entitlement programs including Health Care.