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Its time for an Indepenent Council: Nancy, Do your duty

The Speaker of House Nancy Pelosi keeps up denials. Now Madam Speaker continues to double down and has accused the CIA and Bush Administration of lying(again, that meme is getting old).  Meanwhile Karl Rove say in his Wall Street Journal  op-ed piece saying that the speaker is accomplice to “torture”.  Rove states further that Pelosi as well as the House of Representative Republican leader involved in security issues  Porter Goss. Recently,  Goss has cooperate[sic] that  Pelosi  attended the meetings.

I am joining a grow number columnists, bloggers, politicos  and average Americans calling for a independent council to investigate whether or not the Democrats were in favor of Extreme Interrogation techniques and it was a bipartisan effort and why the change by the Democrats to voice their opposition. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats cannot be trusted.

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