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Dumb Ass Jokes: Wanda Sykes Not Funny. Neither is Dave Feherty

On Saturday,  at the White House Corespondent dinner, Headliner comedienne Wanda Sykes had some zingers at conservatives and Republicans from President Bush on down the line. She has a few one liners including few at  Rush Limbaugh.  Even the jokes on Limbaugh addiction to OxyContin was somewhat funny.

What was not funny, I Hope that Rush Limbaugh kidneys fail is beyond the pail. And for President Barack Obama to sit there and laugh is wrong. Do not President Obama  know that blacks suffer from kidney failure as a result  of diabetes at a higher rate than other racial groups. ( I know this  as black man. )

This woman is a monster. Eleven years ago I lost my older(by 13 years) half brother to kidney failure. I have as well my parents and my youngest brother would take my brother Juan( Johnny was his nick name) in the last two years of his life to dialysis, doctor appointments, In fact I was to give my kidney to him when he died while getting a stent in his neck. Johnny suffered a massive heart attack . I was at home when my mother got the call. She screamed in Horror and in shock. I took the phone from her, I talked to the doctor. The doctor gave me the details. I had to tell his Wife Paulette that he died; the widow as devastated . I proceeded to call my dad who was visiting his mother in East Texas about his death,  and had we My brother Thomas and I to arrange air fare too fly to Dallas to pick him up an drive back home to Southern California ( Dad does not like to fly.) We had to explain to Johnny’s two kids Delores 10 and Juan Jr (He goes byFernando, his middle name) that he died. We got in contact with our church Pastor D. Sims of Love God Fellowship Church to help us; and bring comfort by the Word of God to the entire family.

I struggled with survivors guilt over the years; because I would have donated one of  my kidneys to Johnny. But  planned operation in September 1998 never came to be. There was times that I wished I had died not him.

As an African-American man I was outraged by spitefulness of Sykes remarks I hope his kidneys fail. Its irresponsible. Bash Republicans fine, Bash bush ok. Go after Limbaugh,fine. But don’t hope(wish) some one ill. Thats wrong. Its evil and sick. Ironically my brother Johnny was still alive  would probably voted  for Obama.

Also wrong Dave Feherty a golf analyst for CBS Sports got in trouble for a joke if a solider with a rifle with two bullets was in an elevator with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi,Harry Reid and Osama bin Laden.  The solider would shot Pelosi and strangle Reid and bin Laden.

Feherty has since apologized  for his remarks. Reid and Pelosi were outraged.  The left wing blogs were out raged  about Feherty’s joke. But they Defended Wanda Sykes jokes.  No word from Sykes. The White House press secretary Robert Gibbs 9/11 is not comedy material.  But Gibbs did not talked to the president about Sykes’ jokes and remarks.

Incredible but of course there is  a double standard by liberals over conservatives. What an ugly weekend.

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Evrionmentalists on solar and wind green ship rescued by Supertanker

From The Guardian-UK, two environmental activists on a expedition to the Arctic using a wind and solar power yacht was rescued by an supertanker filled with 68,000 barrels on board; 400 miles north of Ireland on Friday.

Raoul Surcouf, 40, a landscape gardener from Jersey, and Richard Spink, 32, a physiotherapist from Bristol, decided to travel on the environmentally friendly boat instead of more traditional means; an airplane to reach the polar ice cap during a powerful storm with hurricane force winds.  The educational  trip  would have school age kids follow the journey of the two environmentalists.

Surcouf and Spink  chartered vessel was capsized three times damaging the ship. The Ship captain Ben Stoddard making several attempts including  using the anchor to slow the vessel to no avail. Stoddard call for resuce.The yachts solar panels and genterator were destroyed.

Surcouf and Spink were grateful to the tanker Overseas Yellowstone for the rescue even if was a tanker.

H/T: Gateway Pundit