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Horror in Tampa Bay: Man throws 3 month baby to Death on Florida Expressway

A three month old infant was killed today after being thrown from a car on Tampa Expressway I-275 in Tampa. The suspect was arrested 21 year old Robert Mc Tear of unincorporated North Tampa  at 3800 block of Arlington Dr, Tampa.

The Child, Emanuel Murry was found by Jason Bird a off duty news Photographer from WTVT-TV / DT  “FOX 13 NEWS”at 4:30 A.M. on the southbound Tampa Expressway(I-275) at Fowler Ave on the shoulder.

The child found with is eyes open. Bird thought  it was a Doll but he and went back to take second look. He was in shock. The police showed up moments later. The child was pronounced dead on the scene.

45 Minutes earlier,  Tampa police came to a home 12400 block N 15th Ave.  The police was called by Jasmine Bedwell of Tampa. Bedwell told law enforcement  that McTear beat up she and the infant.  McTear  took the child  in a blue Chevy Impala. The car was abandoned on the 1600 block of River Cove in Tampa. McTear was Bedwell ‘s former boyfriend.

When McTear was taken into custody a reporter from WFTS-TV “ABC Action News” asked a question” Why did he do it.?” ” McTear replied”Its a dirty game”

McTear was face several charges including 1st Degree Murder, felony assault and battery; aggravated child abuse, and kidnapping.  McTear is being held at Hillsborough  County Jail. He will appear in Hillsborough County Criminal Court Wednesday.


Jack Kemp, 1935-2009: Rest in Peace

Over the weekend NFL great, and Republican Party leader Jack Kemp died Saturday, May 2nd ,2009 at 73. In the 1960’s and early 1970’s his was pivotal football player.  Kemp played for the Los Angeles (now San Diego) Chargers and Buffalo Bills. He was outstanding player as quarterback.; and Honored with American Football League  MVP in 1965.

Kemp ran for Congress and won Representing the 31, 38 and 39 districts in Western New York the Buffalo area; from 1971-1989. During his term of he help craft the Reagan Tax Cuts which created one of the longest peace time economy in American history. Kemp help create Enterprise Zones programs in 38 states; which gives tax breaks in inner cities urban areas to lure business to / stay in these area instead of fleeing to the suburbs and exurbs.

Kemp became the US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President George H.W. Bush administration.He clean up HUD and its corrupt programs and saved FHA.

In 1996, Kemp was chosen as Vice Presidential Nominee by Senator Bob Dole in Presidential campaign.But lost to incumbent President Bill Clinton and  Vice President Al Gore in a landslide election.

Secretary Kemp, joined other conservative  include Education Secretary Bill Bennett to create the free market advocacy groups  Empower America and subsequent Freedom Works. He was public speaker on conservative issues. Kemp championed the National Dr. Martin Luther King Holiday. And He believed and wanted more opportunities for  minorities.

It was in early January, when Kemp announced that he had developed cancer.  He succumbed to the illness.Kemp was survived by his wife of fifty years, his four children and 17 grandchildren.

Kemp was a rare breed of republican who active got involved in minority affairs. Today we need a Jack Kemp in GOP fiscally conservative and was no afraid to get involved in minority politics and how to engage black and whites to dialogue with each other and find common ground. Dear God his voice is needed today. Thank you Secretary Kemp.


Obama Newest Golden Opportunity: Supreme Court Justice David Souter to Retire

Breaking News: Sources tell National Public Radio that US Supreme Court Justice David Souter will retire at the end of the court term  in June. Souter was selected by President George Herbert Walker Bush in 1990 as a conservative by But Souter turned out as a staunched liberal in the court.

By Souter retirement, Obama a Democrat, will most likely pick a liberal. He vowed to add a second woman to the Court. The court will not become liberal with this appointment.

There still speculation that supreme court justices John Paul Stevens and Ruth Bader Ginsburg both liberals may leave to court at the end of the term. Ginsburg to retire due to health and Stevens to retire now that a Democrat is president.

Bank destroys homes instead of paying fines in California

A Southern California Bank has paid a demolition crew for to destroy homes so it would no longer pay fines to local governments to maintain the homes in Victorville and Temecula two Los Angeles Exurbs.  Guaranty  Bank of Irvine  ordered the homes torn down.

Many of the homes in unfinished 16 unit community were being vandalized of copper wire and fixtures. Squatters have taken over the vacant unfinished homes. Guaranty Bank which foreclosed on the homes built by Stockton, Ca based Matthew Homes.  The city of Victorville like other cities in California and across the country used these fines to clean up eye sores maintain these homes. Guaranty Bank wrote off homes by tearing down these homes. Twenty-Six homes in Temecula is next.

The video has sparked outrage across the the country on blogs and television news programs.

Hat/ Tip: Housing Chronicle Blog

Can’t tell a joke: Comedians very rarely go after Obama

From LA Times: Comedians are struggling to find funny things about President Obama and race is the main reason. This is irony because many comedians are Democrats  and  are leary about making jokes about Obama  so they are no seen as racist.  Bill Maher made a remark about Republicans were sore losers that a black cat in the White House  in regard to President Obama his audience winced and booed.  David Letterman refuses to make any jokes about Obama, the comedian only give loving  platitudes  about the President. African-American  comedian are also nervous about making joke about Obama.  David Alan Grier, Creator , Producer, writer and host of Comedy Central sketch comedy series “Chocolate News”  knows not to make a  joke about the President.

“Some people in the black community see any sort of criticism of Obama as a betrayal,” said Grier. “But my thing is, it’s not a betrayal. It’s just jokes. That’s what comedy is.”

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on NBC, they focus on ancillary things, like focusing on the first dog and Obama mother-in-law.

But jokes will start flying  after awhile. Ian Cameron Executive Producer of This Week with George Stephanopoulus. It’s still early.  We’ll see.

LA Times via Sister Toldjah H/T Michelle Malkin

Swine Flu: Second person to die from H1N1; over 300 cases.

A Suburban Brownsville,TX woman is second person to die as a result Swine Flu.  The victim is 33 year old school teacher in Mercedes Independent School District. The victim was pregnant. Doctor induced labor and delivered a healthy baby while hospitalized’ said Leonel Lopez Cameron County Epidemiologist. Mercedes Independent School District officials has decided to closed all schools until May 11th.

There are over three hundred cases of H1N1 virus  in 36 states. Homeland Security recommends that schools remain open during to outbreak.

Swine flu has now sickened more than 1,600 people in 21 countries, including nearly 500 in the United States. The World Health Organization said it was shipping 2.4 million treatments of antiflu drugs to 72 countries “most in need,” and France sent 100,000 doses of antiflu drugs worth $1.7 million to Mexico.

Meanwhile signs of life have returned to Mexico City as  goverment ,schools, business, shopping centers, parks and Churches were allowed to reopen after a week of being closed due to swine flu.

However, Some Mexicans officials are concerned about return back to normal.

“The scientists are saying that we really need to evaluate more,” said Dr. Ethel Palacios, the deputy director of the swine flu monitoring effort here. “In terms of how the virus is going to behave, we are keeping every possibility in mind. … We can’t make a prediction of what’s going to happen.”

Today being Cinco de Mayo the day the Mexican rebels defeated the French Army at the Battle of Puebla in Eastern Mexico; The Mexican government canceled all events celebrating the national holiday including the annual re-enactment  of the fierce battle. In Mexico City, the festivities held at the Zocalo the public square in Downtown Mexico City were canceled as well.

Here in the United States, Cinco de Mayo celebrations in New York City, and  Chicago were canceled; while Denver festivities went on as planned  but hand sanitizers were made available. Los Angeles, events in Olivera St in LA State Historical Park in Downtown LA will go on as planned, no mention of protective measure for the public at large.

From the Associated Press via Yahoo Finance

H/T: Drudge Report

Mexican Drug Dealer Mock Obama and Calderon

A drug runner was caught and taken into custody in the Lower Rio Grande Valley in South Texas which is nothing new. However, message is different.   Penitas, Texas  police discovered on the bundles  of marijuana the words: Obama-USA, Calderon-Mexico.  Penitas Police Chief Oscar Ontiveros says it was mocking the two Presidents in the efforts to fight drugs; it has to do with the President Obama recent trip to Mexico in April.