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Jobs Crisis: Three Million Jobs and no one to fill them

From Business Week:  There are three million jobs go begging across  the country; there no  one to fill them.  Why most people are not qualified. Many people come from industries that are hard hit: Construction, Real Estate, Finance, Manufacturing ,etc. Others are unable to move do to the fallout of the housing crisis. Many want to move  but unable do so because they are under water in their  mortgages.

So whats the solution: retraining the workforce either returning to back to school to go into a new profession or employers take risk by willing to hire people who don’t have the skill for the jobs and hire and train them. Also they must find ways for have the ability to pick and move  and finally some have to take a pay cut.

But Hat Tip: Housing Chronicles

MSNBC the almost offical Obama news network

From the LA Times An operative of the Obama administration say the White House loves MSNBC. Kareem Dale, special assistant to the president for arts and culture and a key White House advisor on disability policy. This comes on the heels of a report that The White House Press Corp would remained seated when former President Bush meet with the media during a press conference. However when President Obama holds a press conference  they would rise when he walks into the room.

So much for non bias media. Journalism is a dead enterprise.

President Obama goes after tax Cheats again: This time Corporate America

President Obama wants to go after tax cheats again this by closing corporate tax loopholes. The federal government will now charge taxes on corporation that don’t include their income from overseas business sales.  In addition, bar corporations from Off shore tax havens like Cayman Islands, Switzerland, Lichtenstein and Panama. The United States Corporate tax rate is at 35%  the second highest rate in the world.

The  reaction of the Congress is caution. Senator Max Macus,D-Montana Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee  said the committee is working on similar proposals including clamping down on off shore tax havens but further study is required on the effects of the legislation on US businesses.

Critics say this will drive jobs out of the country unless the measures includes a major tax reduction.

From CNN Money H/T:Michelle Malkin