Playing Politics with American Lives:The Left blames George Bush for Swine Flu

Shamelessness thy name is liberalism. Michelle Malkin shows how shameless pols like Representative David Obey (D-WI) and the extreme leftest group Americans for Change accuse Republicans  like Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) of not funding monies for pandemic protection, only to be revealed that Senator Charles “Smucky” Schumer (D-New York)took out the monies for the flu pandemic.

The Nation magazine says Representative Obey accused Collin for opposing the $900 million dollars for the flu pandemic. What Congressman Obey,  and The Nation and doesn’t tell you that the Senate already funded money for pandemic  and the money was requested  by President George W. Bush yes, that same George W. Bush that the fools on the left claimed the Republican would not fund.

Ironically Diarist Addison of Daily Kos, no friend of Republicans (and takes Senator Collins task for not putting the flu pandemic monies in stimulus, he was critical of Sen. Schumer as well.)  Collins was the one for funding for the bill. Schumer call the pandemic funding  and sex education programs porky. The diarist points out that the money was placed in the March Omnibus spending bill. So the money is there for such an emergency.

Newspaper Editor Don Surber of West Virginia Daily Mail calls the feign outrage what it is a ploy by the White House and it’s supporters for not staffing the various cabinet heads for health related posts at the onset of this epidemic.  The Politico points out that the White House has 19 post that need to be filled in the different offices that involves health issues include Health and Human Service Secretary Govenor Kathleen Sebilius (D-Kansas) need to be confirmed  approved by the Senate.  There are others at HHS under at Sebilius that need to be confirmed as well.  Not only that but hold overs from the Bush regime in the Food and Drug Adminstration,  but at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention remain until the positions are filled.

Unbelievable, Just unbelievable. Boy, do I feel safe!

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