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The new Obama art piece and coronation on his 100th day as President

From Word Net Daily: This week the left coronations the president in Union Square Park’s  south Plaza in neighborhood of the same name Lower Manhattan New York City on Wednesday. The piece name “The Truth”will be installed on April 29, the 100 day milepost as president. The portrait which has The president in a suit, arms stretch wide, wearing a crown of thorns on his head placed standing  in front of the presidential seal.

Would someone tell Artist Micheal D’Antuono that President Barack Obama is a mere mortal and not Jesus.  He is the President of the United States. I accepted Jesus as Savior and Lord 24 years ago at a church summer camp in North Fork, CA near Fresno witnessed by My Sunday school teacher Gordon Mitchell and I thank God for him.

The Truth by Michael DAntuono

The Truth by Michael D'Antuono

While the artwork a Gallery class piece  and the artist is expressing his opinion and be  the piece should be installed in a art gallery and the President should be flattered; but He’s no JESUS.

Obama is a Christian; he should(must) remind the public and the artist that I am not God or Jesus. I am a servant of Jesus and Michelle’s husband, Malia and Sasha’s father; Bo’s owner, my parents child and my grandparent’s grandchild, loyal friend to some and President of the United States of America and don’t worship me.

The bible says “There shall not other god’s before me…”Exodus 20:3” the very first command of The Ten Commandments.

A little humility will go a long way in his life let alone everyone. And I need this more than the president.

Hat / Tip:Gateway Pundit

Swine Flu variant affects Mexico.Twenty people in the US were infected

Eighty-Six people are dead and over a 1400 people have been infected in the Mexico City Metropolitan area. Seven people  in California Texas,New York ; Kansas,  and Ohio have been infected but since have recovered.  8 children from St. Francis Preparatory High School a Private Catholic High School  in  Forest Hills, Queens in New York City have been diagnosed with the flu after visiting Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Health officials have Identified H1N1: as derivative of the Swine Flu. This version has part swine, part bird and part human flu wrapped up in one bug.

In Mexico City the Mexican Federal Government teamed up state and local government to limit travel, close schools, Malls, parks; churches, museums, art galleries.  People were warned to wear protective masks, and seek medical attention.  Sporting events would go on as planned such a professional soccer matches played to empty stadiums and aired live on radio, t.v. and the internet.

US Health officials are aware of the situation; and have declared a health emergency which doctors will have easier access to medicines.  Now up to 20 reported cases in the US have tested or Swine Flu. Some doctors are advising patients to wear face masks and keep hand clean.

Ten New Zealand high school aged students from Rangitoto College in Auckland have be diagnosed for flu after a Foreign Language  study trip to Mexico. The Students have been quarantine and recovering at home.  The New Zealand Ministry of Health have confirmed the students have the flu but not certain that its H1N1 virus.

In Asia where the swine flu outbreak is conjuring up memories of the SARS and Bird flu epidemics in the early 2000’s.  Government officials are taking matter very seriously. Most are on crisis mode. They warned the public and those who are traveling  outside the region to be on alert and recognize the symptoms of swine flu.

Japaneses health officials are tightening security using thermographic imaging cameras to identify those returning to Japan from Mexico  with fever and handing out face masks to passengers. Travelers to the US and Mexico are being issued face masks and clean hands to prevent infection.

On Saturday, over 400 calls to the Japan health ministry hot line for information about swine flu.

In the People Republic of China, health care  leaders paying close attention. The  government is studying measures to prevent the swine flu; including inspection and quarantining techniques. China and it’s Hong Kong Territory was ground zero of both Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)and bird flu. Over 800 people died from the disease in 2003.

In Canada six cases two in British Columbia and four cases in Nova Scotia in the Canadian Maritime have been confirmed with a mild case of swine flu.  Canadian Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq, who warned “as we continue to ramp up our surveillance efforts these cases are likely not the last we’ll see in Canada.”All are sequestered at home and recovering.

The World Health Organization are very concerned about H1N1 virus. WHO General-Director Margaret Chan says that this may become a pandemic and urge nations to step up their surveillance of suspicious  outbreaks.

Other Countries have reported to cases of swine flu including

Canada (6)

France (2)

Spain (3)

New Zealand (10)

United Kingdom(1)

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102 people now in Mexico deceased and 1600 infected the number will grow.