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Tea Party Preview: Pittsburgh, Lincoln,NE; San Diego and more!

Here’s the latest  and preview of the over 1800 tea parties scheduled for This Wednesday across the country. First stop Pittsburgh, PA

Hundreds gathter at Pittsburgh Tea  Party

Hundreds gathter at Pittsburgh Tea Party

Lincoln, NE

Hundreds of tea party protesters gather on the Nebraska State Capitol chanting no taxation with representation thanks to federal government spending sprees: Bailouts, stimulus, budgets with no end.

Rally goers brought cans of pork and beans symbolizing  the outrageous spending in Washington and state capitols across the country. One protester expressed her frustration  with politicians.

“I’m very disappointed with the way our representatives in Washington are handling are handling our affairs,” Diana Koza said. I’m disappointed  in the bailout. Nobody bailouts our family when we run  into financial trouble.”

San Diego Tea Party

San Diego Tea Party

Courtesy of Instapundant reader Reader Steven Potter.

Hundreds gather in Downtown San Diego protesting budget saving ballot measures  Propositions 1A-1F.

Small towns got into the tea party spirit too:

Goshen, In

Hundreds gather in Goshen, IN for tea party

Hundreds gather in Goshen, IN for tea party

One placard has a baby’ s picture  with the words, I owe how much? While another sign says Money does not grow on trees.

Not to be left out Marysville,CA  2 hour north of Sacramento, hundreds gathers against the propositions 1a-1f.

Marysville Tea Party

Marysville Tea Party

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Can’t wait to see tax day 2009. It will be a whole lot of fun!  and not for the politicos on the left and the right.