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Italian death toll rises over 200: Stories of the Miraculous

The Central Italy earthquake rose to 228  as bodies are recovered from the rubble 17,000 damage or destroyed building  in area around L’Aquilla on Tuesday after the worst earthquake in Italy in 30 years.  While rescue workers  are striving to recover the dead there are miracles stories take place.

24 year old Marta Valente  was  found alive  by cave explorers on Tuesday after 22 hours under debris.  Valente is a student  at L’Aquilla University.

A 98 year old woman identified as Maria D’Antuono of Tempera, a town near L’Aquilla was removed fromthe rubble of her home. D’Antuono  was knitting for over 30 hours.

Another girl was removed from her home alive after cadaver dogs found her in the rubble of the family  home. Her mother and sister were not so fortunate; they were brought out dead.

These  some of  the over 150 rescued from the earth in Central Italy. Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi praised rescue workers for removing people decimated buildings.

The rescue and recovery continues on Wednesday.

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Congressional Black Caucus shows Fidel Castro Love

From The Politico:  A small  contingent of the Congressional Black Caucus are calling the ending of the 50 year embargo against the Castro Regime after a meeting  with ailing Communist leader Tuesday.  CBC President Representative Barbara Lee(D-Oakland) said, “the 50 year embargo just  hadn’t work. It time to have an open dialogue with Cuba.”    Members of the CBC found that Castro was warm and receptive.

President Obama said he would repeal travel restrictions of Cuban Refugees and and their American families; of which the Cuban community was very vocal against the repeal. Lee wants the removal travel ban and resume trade with the island nation.

Castro also said that the congressional members said American Society continues to be racist and were the reason that the travel restrictions against  Cuba was partly to blame . But the members of the CBC denied the accusations.

Why oh why does the Congressional Black Congress  see the need the bow at the feet of a dictator like Fidel Castro. I mean really African American poor  in this country have  it better than many in the African diapora.  Many are (were) homeowners, many are employed in careers of their choosing. Many have health care  either provided by employers or Medicare.  Welfare is available, Low income housing program are available.   These programs the CBC fought and obtained  in the last 50 years. In Castro’s Cuba  unless you are sanctioned by the central committee to have these privileges you don’t get.

Cuba’s world reknown health care allegially the best in the Western Hemisphere, revealed is mediocre unless you are a communist party leader or member; or even a tourist then you get the best.  People are still trying to escape for freedom. Blacks can still attend church of their choice openly; declare Jesus as their Saviour and Lord. Run for mayor, govenor and yes President.  Yes, racism is still exist we saw it in last election. But America is still the greatest nation on God’s green earth (with appologies to Michael Medved by the way he’s right) with all of our sins there no other place I rather be a citizen of  than the good ole US of A) and I am a African American. and Proud American.

Yikes! Another Murder / Suicide this time in Northern Alabama

Same song 100th verse: Five people are dead in a murder / suicide in Northern Alabama on Late Monday/ Early Tuesday. A Decatur, Al  man identified as Kevin Garner45, shot his wife Tammy 40,  their Daughter Chelsie16, Garner killed his sister and her son who came from Illinois. The body was found in a home in Pineville,Al.

The Garnets was were divorcing and were to attend to court in Lauderdale County Courthouse on Wednesday, His sister was to testify against him in his wife’s behalf.

Garnet set fire to his wife car, and the family home in Decatur. He killed himself in the woods behind the Decatur home.

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