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First Tea Parties now Parking Meters.

First CNBC’s Rick Santelli called for a tea party against Washington tax raising spend-o-rama. Now Chicagoians (like most big cities NewYork, LA, Boston etc.) depend on traffic tickets via parking meters are taking revenge  against parking meters. From WBBM-TV/DT.

First Beverly Hills and now West Hollywood empty storefronts

From Frontiers in LA magazine:  Santa Monica Blvd is losing its panache(not!) well  more and more storefronts going empty to a one-two punch,the decades long  renovation of the famous corridor and the current recession.

Hat Tip LA Observed.

The latest from the New York Times: Salary Cut

From LA Observed: New York Times non union employees, will take a 5% pay cut as well as days off.

The Next Bailout the US Postal System

From Brietbart The US Postal Service is going broke and needs a bailout. The Postmaster General John Potter said “We are facing losses of historic proportion. Our situation is critical.” The Post Office lost $2.8 billion  last year and losses are expected to be bigger. One solution will cut back service to five days a week

The Culprit the internet: email,instant messaging and social networks. Its faster cheaper: E-mail no postage stamp, its rapid, it all computerized there e-mail software like Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora or web based service like Hotmail frm Mircrosoft, Yahoo! Mail just a few. Instant Messageing/Text Messaging fast service founded by yahoo, MSN, AOL. this can be done on the computer or Cell phone. Social networks like facebook, My Space, and Twitter where can blog/ instant messaging where people can follow.

Even your bills are online as well. At this rate hard copy mail may be a thing of the past.

You know America is in Trouble when the president of the EU chiding the US.

From Yahoo  News via AP: the President of the European Union says calls the $2 trillion stimulus bill the Road To Hell. Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek who is the head of the EU said this in the meeting of the European Parliament in Brussels on Wednesday.  This come on the heels of the warning from Russia and China  earlier this year.  Not good Mr. Obama, not good at all.

Meet Daniel Hannen

Introducing Daniel Hannan, Member of the European Parliament from Suburban London(the South East of England actually) who gave British Prime Minster Gordon Brown a tongue lashing earlier this week at meeting of the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium.


Where are the Democrats and Republicans in DC reaming the President of United States and the House of Representative Speaker and the Senate Majority Leader especially for the run away spending in the Beltway.

Hat Tip Instapundit

Mob Rule back in London: Just in Time for the G 20

From Michelle Malkin. Her syndicate column points out the anarchists will be on the march in London Next week. The Protest will focus on the Bank of England.  an anarchists website : http://www.g-20meltdown.org  plans three days of protest. One comic strip poster has young guy with a baseball bat with anarchist logo on.  A person warns him not go get in trouble; the caption at the bottom of the poster “BASH A BANKER”

Mob Rule:Bash a Banker

Mob Rule:Bash a Banker

While banks have responsiblity in the crisis by government in the US Particluar is guilty in forcing banks to gives to pepole who did not have the ability pay  them. Greedy loan officers  who created the 100% financing loans, lying loans, realtor who show people homes that they could not afford.

Mob Rule  last week created by Democrats gave the red light  to their supporter like ACORN to Conneticut to protest alleged AIG employees home Obtain by the Attorneys’ General of Conneticut and New York. The homes on the AIG bus tour some did not belong to AIG employees at all, In fact one person demanding an appology from the Conneticut AG and others.

Mob rule is misplaced. Congress who create the mess should be held accountable in this; for these folks truth doesn’t matter. Rich Fat cats must pay for their sins. Why don’t these guys protest congress  because at the Democrats are on their side.