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Outrage: Navy awards Representative John Murtha the highest civillian award

Talk about a stab in the back (or the heart) if you please: the outgoing  Secretary of the Navy offered Congressman John Murtha the Navy’s Distinguished Published Award.  Navy Secretary Donald Winter quietly presented the award to 19 termed congressman from western Pennsylvania.  Winter awarded Murtha in early March but since then word has gotten out and anger  and disappointment  by members current and retired.         Military. com has more.

Full disclosure:  I am a son of a 20 year Navy Veteran who served in the US Navy during the Vietnam war.  My dad served honorably and faithfully  and rose up the ranks to Chief Petty Officer and to see than man ( yes I know he was in the Marine Corp.) but his remarks  about the Marine Corp in Iraq and Guantanmo Naval Base in Cuba not only is outrageous but it insults those who serve and those who have served or those relatives of members of the military.  Shameful, absolutely shameful. Un-freaking belivable!

Rahm Emanuel: Freddie Mac Fat Cat

From the Chicago Tribune:  White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel earned $320,000 during his 14 month stay at the troubled  Mortagage Bank. Emanuel was on the board of directors of the firm while the Freddie Mac was going through a  crisis back then  accounting scandal roilled the company in (2000-2001)

Napolitano Turns Down Millions to Defend the Border

And I thought Michael (Brownie) Brown the former FEMA chief was bad. Janet Napolitano  the Home Security Secretary is the an idiot.  We have a true crisis on the US Mexican border  as Mexican drug war violence has crept  into the United States.  Secretary  Napolitano  is refusing additional funds to add troops to the US border.  Connecticut  Senator Joseph Lieberman (I) requested $380 million for the border.  Unbelievable Phoenix is the kidnap capital of the US,  El Pasoan are being killed when working or visiting.   The same woman has change the definition  of the War on Terror.  From The Hill Newspaper read on.

George Soros : I am haiving a very good Crisis

From the Daily Mail London:  Billionaire George Soros predicted the ongoing global credit crisis. Soros said, the financial crisis is stimulating and culmination of his life work.” Soros earned $1.8 billion dollars in 2008.  Soros wasn’t the only one. Many Hedge funds also did well.  Hedge funds overall made $11.6 billion despide the world wide credit crisis. Renasaiance Technologies made $2.5 billion. John Paulson of Paulson of Paulson and Company $2 billion.  At least someone made money