Daily Archives: March 20, 2009

Dinnerware made of Cocaine give a whole new meaning to Bridal Registry

Guys when you go shopping  with your fiancee to buy china for your new home as husband and wife  you might want stick to companies in US, Canada, Europe, Japan or China not from drug lords in Venezuela.  From Breitbart:

Spanish police receintly arrested an 35 year old Spaniard in Barcelona after receving  a 42  peice dinner place set made of (get this) cocaine yes cocaine: Plates, cups, saucers, salad plates.  Dealers  looking for ways to bring drugs in to Europe via Spain  recuited the man.  These same dealers used other means to bring drugs in to Europe such recuiting a woman to bring in liquid cocaine in hairspray,  and an elderly man was used to bring in coke in a cast a cast! Oh BoyI can’t see what’s next? I take it back maybe I don’t want to know!

Phony Outrage by Congress leads to 90% tax on AIG

On Thursday, Congress feigned outrage when word about the AIG retention bonuses.  Lead by House Democratic leaders like Barney Frank , Nancy Pelosi who said,” We wan tour money back  now for the taxpayers. It  isn’t that complicated.” While imposing a 90% retroactive tax on AIG’s Retention Bonuses.  The house of Representatives votes 328-93, 85 Republicans  in the House joined  in. Six Democrats joined 87 Republicans in opposition.

House Minority Leader John Boehner said, “This political circus that’s going on here today with this bill is not getting to the bottom of the questions of who knew what and when did they know it,

The  president  agreed with the sentiment not necessary the bill proposed.  The Senate has it version in the works and could be voted on in days.

Critics are saying the proposed law is Unconstitutional based the idea of bill of attinder[sic please give me & definition in easy layman terms  I am not a lawyer and don’t play on television forgive me and Thanks] taxing after the fact.  Taxation without representation.

Yahoo news has the rest of the story.