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AIG give to Bonus to employees: Dodd admits White House and Treasury to remove bonus regulation

From Bloomberg A firestorm  is brewing because of American International Group pay out big bonuses to  employee in various departments over the weekends while other money went to European Banks. and The President and Congress are outraged!

Senator  Chrisotpher Dodd, D-Connecticut was outraged. He said , he placed  an amendment to stop payment of these retention bonus.  But is was taken out of the bill.  Senator  John McCain would not have voted for bailout if he know bonus. AIG chief Edward Liddy, was schedule to testify.

UPDATE: Senator Dodd realized that he knew about the bonuses; says the White House and treasury pressured him to removed the legislation he inserted to stop the retention bonuses.

BTW: Dodd and the President of the US largest recipiant of AIG campaign monies in 2008. Lovely.Just. Lovely.

Cincy Tea Party

5000 people gathered in Cincinnati,OH  fed up with bailouts, tax increases met at historic Fountain Square in Downtown Saturday.

Cincinnatis tea party draws 5000 rebels for a cause No New taxes

Cincinnati tea party draws 5000 rebels for a cause No New taxes

Organized by Cincinnati Tea Party, people from all walks of life.  Middle Class, Working Class of all races and colors had enough of bailouts and nonsense from Washington,D.C.

A Sea of Humanity:5000 people gather at Fountian Square, Downtown Cincinnati

A Sea of Humanity:5000 people gather at Fountian Square, Downtown Cincinnati

Local Media from Cincinnati Enquirer  to Local television station in provided extensive coverage compared to Media in major American cities Like Los Angeles and New York.

Meanwhile, there were other cities:

Columbia, Missouri via Michelle Malkin blog reader Reader Stan

Recession Math explained for you in Columbia, Mo

Recession Math explained for you in Columbia, Mo

In western New York, people gather to dump tea in the Genesee River at Downtown Rochester

Tea Party participents  dumped tea in Genesee River in Rochester,Ny

Tea Party participents dumped tea in Genesee River in Rochester,Ny

via  Rochester Conservative.

There more to come.

Via Michelle Malkin

Wounded Vets will now pay deductable instead of free health care at the VA Update:President Backs off

Unbelievable, from the AP/Yahoo Wounded Vets will now start to pay for the deductibles in order see docs.  Members of the Veterans of  Foreign Wars met with President Barack Obama.  When the leaders of the VFW met with the President meet on Monday and told him that the government  should not  change the way the members of the Armed Forces  should pay for the veteran health care; after the government would take care  of them fore the rest of their lives. The president insist on this  as a way to save over $500 Billion.

How sad.  Men and  Women who volunteered and those who were drafted to serve in the United States Military wounded on the battlefield would have to go to a civilan insurance to pay for his or her  medical bills. My dad was served in the US Navy for  20 years both on land and on board naval ships  during the Vietnam War.  He reciently revealed to the family being exposed to Agent Orange.  A defoliant that the military used  in jungles  of Vietnam.   to track down the Viet-Cong military group. My dad suffered in silence drank heavily which affetced his overall health.  Millions of American will be affected by this decision.  I hope the president changes his mind becase he screwing up the country.

UPDATE: Thanks to Veterans of Foreign Wars, Matt Drudge, Talk Radio hosts like Saean Hannity, Laura Ingram, Monica Crowley et al and various blogs Michelle Malkin, Instapundit, why on Thursday when the White House  retreats on using the civilian insurance to cover service related injuries.  What a F—king mistake this White House has made when this country made a commitment to all vets with service related injuries.  I am glad they backtracked.

Nancy Pelosi an illegal aliens best friend

Nancy Pelosi has done again this time she went too far.  Pelosi had the unmitigated nerve to call Illegal Immigrants patriotic … Patriotic  and she went further denounced the US Border Control/ICE agents as UN-American for arresting and send illegals back home. What a disgrace what a F__king disgrace. Fox News has the video.  I was once a democrat but I left the party in 2007 because of things like this. ( For the record I am registered to as an independent no party affiliation.)

Nancy Pelosi calls ICE raid Un-American in San Francisco Church

Nancy Pelosi calls ICE raid Un-American in San Francisco Church

This is incredible  My mom is from  Panama. She came to the United States  in1958 the right way.  She wanted to be an American citizen,  finally  in 1988 she finally  began the process of citizenship.  My dad and I helped her study American history and constitutional basics and  in 1990 she passed the test and She  was sworn in  Downtown Los Angeles. My family is proud of her.  My parents help sponsor my Aunt (My  mom  sister ) and my Uncle( her brother ) to  come to the United States.

Look I understand the desire to come to the United States I can’t blame them I would try to flee to the America I would find a way to come the right way; and I would try to live safe until I get  in the process to leave , however All I ask to come the right way. Thats all Come the right way.  If the government made  it easier  and  cheaper to come the right way  we could keep the money instead  making the coyotes rich and people dying in the desert.