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Here’s a word for President Obama and GOP Chairman Michael Steele: FOCUS!!!!

A critique:  The two most powerful black men need to focus. Yes , focus.  Since both men have taken their respected offices mistakes have befallen both gentlemen in way I did not expect.
President Obama need to focus on the economy. Day after day week after week the president kept rolling out new program after new program. The stimulus bill,  abortion, stem cells;  revising the NAFTA cross national tucking program cap and trade policies; the $417 billion omnibus spending bill for the rest of the fiscal year and so on.  While Wall Street has a vote of No confidence in the administration the Dow Jones is down nearly 20% and the second worst 50 of any president except for Gerald Ford in 1975( actually Obama has the worst until the congress says it working to revise Mark to Market and the Uptick Rules plus Citigroup says it made a profit  and does not need any more TARP money which cause the market shot up on March10,2009 over 375+ points and for the week up nearly600 points for the week ending on Friday 13th,2009.)

The president need to focus on policies that will bring  millions of Americans back to work and starting by this Summer and goes on into 2010 so that the democrats can keep and expand their majorities Or the Republican will take control.

Micheal  Steele have been making big mistakes which has cost him and the Republican Party embarrassing mistakes. First,  firing long time GOP staffers and bring in his team,next criticizing  Rush Limbaugh  on D. L . Hughley’s show on CNN. Then taking about his views on abortion while making the GOP message convoluted and contrived. Many in the Republican party conservatives  in particular  frustrated, angry and dispirited. Steele need stay away from the media, hire back a few of the  GOP leader and staffers and  Focus on what it means to be an American, Conservative and Republican. or He’ll be out of a job. Steele doesn’t have time  like the President. Some are plan to vote out of office by the end of March.

It’s been a rough (nearly)three months for the most powerful black men in America. However both men need to focus on the things that  affect people lives  the economy for the President of United States and  how to respond with strong conservative ideas and values to the President of The United States by the National Republican party chairman both will be great role models for black men in particular and All Americans in General once they get back on track.

As an American of African  and Latin decent( Dad  from Texas, Mom a naturalized American of African decent from Panama.)  like the fact  the two most  powerfull men in America, Its not to say I m not proud of past leaders but this  is special for the African American community in particular and  the nation as a whole. Hopefully this  change young African Amearican men  boys to reach for the best they can be and I believe this has helped.

Can Michael Steele cut it as GOP Chief?

From Fox News, Republican Party  Leader Michael Steele is in trouble. Steele once popular African American  Republican is charged by republicans  in conservative quarters that he needs to set plans to but the party back in   power ; but instead Steele is focusing appearing on various TV shows and convoluted the party’s message.

This has left many republicans wondering does Steele got what it takes to go up against President Barrack Obama and the Democratic Party.  First nearly a month ago Steele went on the D. L Hughley show on CNN where he attacked Radio Talk Show host Rush Limbaugh who just spoke at CPAC meeting Washington,DC.  remarks as incendiary and ugly.

Then his statement on abortion  angered many conservatives. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council points out when Steele fired the previous GOP staff and place his  people inside  the committees did set well.

The slips up have given the Democratic party leadership  something to smile about. Democratic Strategist Maria Cardona  said “Yes, he did have a rocky start, but I got to tell you, the comments he made about Rush had the effect of having moderates, independents and Obama Republicans think twice about the Republican Party”

I think Steele can do the job but he need to focus on the GOP message on Lower taxes ,  no more bailouts for corporate  America and true job growth, not government job growth.  Stay away from the media: newspapers, TV show and newscasts or the blogoshere until He can get focused get and keep the Republican message answer his critics both on the left or the right or he will be replaced.

Congress keep it’s Pay Raise; The American People Struggle to Stay Financially Afloat

Senator David Vitter, D-Louisiana  wrote an amendment to the $417 Omnibus spending bill, to eliminate the automatic pay raise.  The amendment would  make congress return to voting for their pay raises. It’s been 20 years since the automatic pay raise became law.

However, Senator Majority Harry Reid. D-Nevada, created a stand alone version of the law and wanted Senator Vitter to co-sponsor  legislation  and warned that  when the bill reached the house it maybe vetoed. Vitter refused.

The Vitter Amendment was voted on and went down to defeat. Senator Reid nor House of Representative Speaker Nancy Pelosi  have not set a date  to vote a stand alone amendment  on congressional pay.

Meanwhile,  nearly ten million people are out of work, living on unemployment,  severance pay, declining saving and investments, or Welfare would like to have a $4,700 annual salary increase and a cushy $174,000 job.  Some are about enter foreclosure, some are  at the end of the foreclosure process others are are forgoing rent to feed their families. Still others  have been or will be evicted, moving in with relatives, staying motels, while the knuckleheads in the Potomac Valley get to stay in their Georgetown row homes, Crystal City high rises,  and their Bethesda                  estate homes. Lovely , just lovely. Way to go Congress, Way to go.

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