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The President that can’t say “We Won”.

Last Friday February 27,2009; President Barack Obama announces his plans withdraw troops from Iraq. Obama at Camp LeJuene, NC. , the President announces troops will be home by August 31,2010 except a small contingent of troops between 30,000-50,000 will remain in country providing training,   and  support for the Iraqi Armed Forces and Police.

While he praises the troops, he refuses to acknowleges victory. A victory created by General Petraeus the creator of the surge strategy. At least Mr. President say we won the war in Iraq. He has no trouble telling the Republicans that He won the election and  he is the president in the stimilus fight. But refusing to say we won  even though he was opposed the war is ridiculous. Obama is the Commander-In-Chief should the ovbious that we won the war.  I wonder  will he claim victory in Afganistan. We’ll see. But I doubt it.

Paul Harvey, R.I.P.(1918-2009)

Paul Harvey, a legend in Broadcast journalism has died, he was 90. Harvey was consomme journalist anchoring news cut ins  and spotlighting stories about famous people  and events or not so famous with is Rest of the Story reports which airs ABC Radio network.

Harvey’s program “Paul Harvey, News and Comment” air on 1200 station across the country.  Paul Harvey began his career in his hometown of Tulsa, Ok , in 1936.  By 1951 Harvey took his show national on the ABC Radio Network and based the show in Chicago,Il  via WENR.  The newscast, which air twice daily. The show was produced by Harvey and his wife, Lynne whom he met in while working in St. Louis,Mo.

Harvey’s  other series “The Rest of the Story”  re-tells famous  vignettes with a twist.  ‘The Rest of the Story”‘   began in 1976, telling for example the story how President Franklin Roosevelt gave a child a gift, that child was Cuban President Fidel Castro.

Paul Harvey’s  strong baritone voice , classic delivery representative radio news from a bygone area, when men like Edward R. Murrow,  Walter Cronkite, and George Putnam.

Harvey  was on the few conservative commentators  in the country  in the during 1950’s to today. He believed in the greatness of the nation, the people and it leaders.

Paul Harvey, had stop anchoring the program since last fall. His Paul Harvey,Jr has anchored the program. He has hosted  and produce the show over the years.

Harvey, died  at a hospital near Phoenix,AZ surrounded by his family by his side., Harvey was survived by his son Paul Harvey Jr,