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Pray for Justice to be done in Knoxville

Two are dead and 8 injured at  an Unitarian Universalist Church in Knoxville  during a Children play.  Please pray for the victims, their and families and the congregration.  More information available from WBIR-TV


Sanctuary Cities laws must go!

About eighteen to 20 years ago, My sister had a friend  who had her baby killed by an illegal immigrant in an hit and run  accident  here in Hawaiian Gardens.  The guy ran a stop sign at 221st and Pioneer Blvd and killed a 2 year old.  He worked for the city.( can you imagine)  He took off and eventually fled to Mexico. He eventually returned to the US and California. At least my sister’s friend got a little justice by suing and winning a lawsuit against Hawaiian Gardens. Unfortunately other problems across the country have became a way of life. The cop in Houston who was killed by Illegal immigrant, The hollywood movie director and his son killed in car crash in Malibu, CA last year; A family in Virginia Beach killed car crash two years ago; The three college kids in Newark N.J.; Jamael Shaw Jr in South Los Angeles this past Spring and now Last Month Anthony Bologna and his kids, Matthew and Michael in the Excelsior District in  far southwest San Francisco.

Sanctuary cities laws must go. They hurt the community,  It prevents law enforcement fom doing their job like special order 40 by the City of Los Angeles.   Its time that cities need to repeal the laws, the state must do the same if the state have similar laws on the books. I wish Presidential Candidates Senators Barack Obama and John McCain would meet with Jameal Shaw Sr. his wife who is serving this country in Iraq and Mrs. Danielle Bologna  and explain why we need illegals here in America.

Read at article of Frank Kennedy who was brother-in-law to Anthony Bolonga  who killed by Edwin Ramos the illegal immigrant who shot and killed him and his family:,0,1134867.story

The madness must stop!

Chicago fights to keep gun ban

From the Chicago Tribune:,0,6100999.story In Chicago where the has been a very sharp rise in gun violence and deaths, Mayor Richard Daley, is planning a major fight against the National Rife Association and is suing Chicago to remove the ban. The NRA which won a  US supreme Court overturning the Washington DC Gun ban by by a 5 to 4 decision has sued major American cities including New York, Los Angeles as well. Daley said at a news conference. “I don’t look at this lightly—that, ‘Oh, because the Supreme Court’s done it we’re just gonna dismiss it and all of a sudden people can arm themselves,’ ” he said.

Without getting into details, Daley also said if the gun ban were overturned the city would need to consider other ways to protect emergency workers. “You have to look at a new ordinance in order to protect firemen and policemen going to the scenes of people that arm themselves in their home.”

There got to be any way to reduce crime. However, I agree with the Supreme Court ruling that these gun bans don’t work. Private citizens should have the right to bear arms.  Full disclosure I don’t like guns I am afraid of them however my dad  believes in and had own guns for safety and has never used it. If a person wants to own and use a gun one should be licensed and be checked out thoroughly before purchasing one.  Its only common sense.

Which pepper is which???

I love peppers of all kind from sweet bells to habeneros. However this ban by the FDA is a hard one to swallow. This wire copy from the Associated Press  via the Chicago Tribune,0,6823159.story.

How will I know which pepper is from the US and Mexico if its not labled?  Lucky guess? sheesh!

Ethanol is not what it cracked up to be

Last  week my brother mowed my parents backyard and the lawn mower would sputter and quit 4 times little did I know that ethanol is contributing to poor quality and performance here an New York Times article that take up the issue:

After reading this,  You gotta wonder about the debate of moving to biofuels from Gasoline is worth it.

Miracle at 30,000 ft

Here is an incredible story, from the Philippines where Qantas Airline jet made an emergency landing in in Manila, where  it was discovered  that this flight had a hole in the fuselage the size of a compact car. Thanks  to an alert flight crew  the plane landed safely.  Thank God!

Transfats outlawed

According to ABC Today,  our Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger sign legislation banning trans fats from restaurants in California.  On the face of it  this sounds good it might help the people; However it won’t change behavior.

“Perhaps the biggest issue,” said Keith-Thomas Ayoob, associate professor in the Pediatrics Department at Pediatrics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, “is how much of the foods do we even need to be eating? Is this going to change obesity? No, because you’re swapping out one fat for another, the calories are the same. Would it be more beneficial for our hearts? Maybe.”

Professor  Madelyn Fernstrom of University of Pittsburgh Weight Management Center agreed,

“A better message is eat less fat of any type, and more fruits and vegetables,” Fernstrom said. But she said she does not think the California ban will have any impact on residents’ health.

But ABC News medical correspondent Dr. David Katz disagrees,  believes this is a positive 1st step.

“We don’t ask people to screen their food for lead, or arsenic, or mercury. These are known toxins; we should be able to assume that known poisons are not put into our food,” said Dr. Katz.

Dr. Katz maintained that as an artificial and harmful product linked to heart disease and diabetes, trans fats effectively mean slow death. “In this case, government regulation is pretty easy to justify,” Dr. Katz added.

The California  Restaurants Association  is against the legislation and lobbied against the bill. and I agree this smells like the nanny state to me.  Full disclosure  I am taking meds for High Blood Pressure  and Cholesterol. This could help me but  its what I eat and how much I exercise that changes behavior.

When I was a kid I tried cigarettes but I did not like the taste and today I can’t stand cancer sticks.  Government intervention helped somewhat  to change our behavior by banning cigarette advertising on Television but it was people choices whether or not to smoke.

California have more important issues on its plate to worry about including the State Budget that has not passed. Priorities  people Priorities !