A nice gesture by the House of Repesentatives

Yesterday, the House of Representative did a nice gesture by apologizing for Slavery, the bill introduced by Representative Steve Cohen of Memphis (D),TN. The motion was carried by a voice vote. Here the article via brietbart.com:http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=080730134027.m9puooa5&show_article=1

Full disclosure, I am 41 year old American of African and Afro-Panamanian decent (Dad from Texas and Mom is naturalized US citizen back in 1990 originally from Panama) ;the congress did a nice gesture. But It not going to Change my life or my relatives life at all. But again it is very good gesture.


One response to “A nice gesture by the House of Repesentatives

  1. timothy allen brown

    it won’t change the 1.5 million armenians who were slaughtered by the turks in 1915, either. cohen denies the armenian genocide, saying one his “biggest accomplishments” was unraveling a “resolution to condemn turkey for the armenian genocide almost a century ago.”. classy guy. this whole slavery thing is a publicity ploy to win in a black district while running against a black candidate. the guy is a hypocrite.

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