Good News for Obama 9 points over McCain.

A new Gallup daily tracking poll has Democratic Presidential Nominee Senator Barack Obama ahead of Republican Nominee Senator John with a Nine point lead.  Each day  Senator Obama edge a point a day. Still we need to see how other tracking polls cover th the period of the trip from others Pollsters like, Zogby, Rassmussen, and others.

The  senator’s trip turnout to a success meeting with world leaders including iraq’s Nouri Al-Maliki  who agree in principle to the 16 month; although he back pedaled a couple days later said Al-Maliki was sticking with the General Petraus plan. Senator Obama, when interview by CBS Evening News Anchor Katie Couric about success of  the surge and he denied that the surge is working. And the flap of not visiting the wounded troops in Germany may hurt in the public standing. So far So Good but he needs to widen his lead.

Meanwhile, McCain is still struggles with the vision message( remember “The vision thing” what the President’s father George Herbert Walker Bush struggled while running for Re-election in 1992 and lost to  then Governor Bill Clinton.) Mc Cain need to get a vision ,2nd he needs to focus the success of the surge, 3rd  drill. drill, drill McCain need to focus on the energy independence issue. not only its an energy Independence issue but a national security issue. 4th get excited  He need the equivalent of political Viagra in large doses!

Well, 100 more days to go!


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